Condominium/Strata Corporation Loan 

Do you have clients that live in a condominium? Or perhaps you know a property manager (also called a “strata property manager”) that provides professional services to condominium corporations?

How would you like to help solve one of their biggest problems AND get paid a $10K to $40K consulting fee for your services?

In this Master Class, you’ll learn everything you need to know about solving one of the biggest problems that condo owners, property managers and the condo’s board of directors face on an ongoing basis.

Best of all, nobody specializes in this niche market, and right now there is a HUGE demand for your services. Taught by DLC’s top producing agent, Cameron Mackie, who closes 2 – 3 of these specialized deals per month; this class shows you the exact Blueprint Cameron uses to achieve success.

So let’s talk about…

  • What is a condominium corporation loan and how can it help you consistently earn six figures as a consultant?
  • Why would the condominium need or want to borrow?
  • Why does a condominium need to repair common property and why condo do owners absolutely dread “special assessments”?
  • How to put your consulting business on autopilot.
  • How to set up Google Alerts to notify you of opportunities across the country. (Yes, you can get paid for your services across the entire country!)
  • Exactly how to charge between $10K and $40K for your fee and why condo corporations will gladly pay for your services. (It may seem like a lot, but it’s a 1% to 2% closing fee.)

Meet Richard

Richard Lemair isn’t too happy with his property manager or the condo board of directors. In fact, he’s downright angry with them. But he’s not alone: every single owner of the 52-unit building is fuming after being sent a $1.1 million special assessment. Richard’s portion is $25,000, and he’s legally on the hook for it.  

“I had, you know, a nice trustworthy car, a new condo and was going to buy something different…. That was the plan, and the reality is completely the opposite,” Richard is quoted as saying in this CBC news article 

Had the property manager and the condo board known about how to obtain a corporation loan, they would have avoided causing Richard and the other 51 unit owners a lot of grief. A loan is the preferred route to go, versus a special assessment, to deal with any upcoming repairs because there’s a strong possibility that some of the owners won’t be able to obtain the funds within the special assessment timelines. This will negatively affect the board’s ability to sign the repair contract, as the full amount of funds would not be readily available. A loan offers immediate relief for the condo board and its owners. 

Why didn’t the property manager simply get a loan from the bank?

A major hurdle facing a condo board, unit owners or their property manager is finding a proper borrowing solution. Most of the major banks and financial institutions in Canada are unwilling or unable to provide this type of lending because of the simple fact that common property cannot be put up as collateral.

That’s where you can help!

You’ll receive the exact blueprint of how Cameron Mackie finds, structures and closes these financial transactions. (Hint: if you know a property manager or a condo owner, you’re in business!) Consultation fees range from $10K to $40K for this highly specialized type of financing.

Lifetime Access


  • Pre-recorded Condo/Strata Loan Master Class
  • Download: Blueprint on how to successfully find, set up and close these types of loans
  • Download: Case study on saving a condo board $54,000 while charging a 1.5% consulting fee on a $900,000 loan ($13,500 commission)
  • Download: Sample sales/email scripts
  • Download: Proposal template for condo board approval (timelines, terms and fees)
  • Download: Document checklist
  • Download: How to put your consultation business on autopilot! Simply refer deals to Cameron Mackie and split the consulting fee
  • Download: Sample Condo Loan Fee Agreement (once it’s signed, this is how you get paid)
  • Download: Sample Letter of Direction (once the deal closes you are automatically paid out of the proceeds of the loan)


Are You Ready to Add Six Figures to Your Current Business?


This master class is not just some seminar filled with fluff. It’s one hour and forty-five minutes with Cameron Mackie, who gives you everything you need to add another income stream to your core business. Think of it as buying a brand-new business for less than half the cost of a new cell phone! Invest in yourself today and reap the rewards tomorrow.