Thank-you Google! You just gave us a $1.1M Condo Corporation Loan. How many other mortgage brokers can say that Google earned them $16,500 in commission?! That’s the 1.50% broker fee we earned on this particular deal.

How Google Alerts Can Help You Spot Condo Corporation Loan Opportunities 

A Google Alert sends you an email when new results for a topic come up in Google Search. In our case, we set Google Alerts to notify us any time “Condominium Special Assessment” is mentioned in the news.

Step #1. Go to “Google Alerts”

Step #2. Set Your Alert “Condominium Special Assessment”

Step #3. Read relevant articles and make contact!

A Condo Corporation Loan is the preferred route to go vs. a Special Assessment, to deal with upcoming repairs. Condo owners and the condo board prefer using a condo corporation loan as it’s a far less stressful financial option vs. coming up with a huge lump sum.

Here’s the original article Google Alerts notified us about ($1.1M Special Assessment):

“Condo owner says board’s lack of transparency regarding needed repairs cost him $25K

Instead of a two-bedroom, two-bathroom, move-up property, Richard Lemaire plans to do some couch surfing at friends’ homes for the foreseeable future, after an unexpected $25,000 special assessment ate away a good chunk of his down payment.

Lemaire says it’s far from the image he had in mind when he decided to sell his 880-square-foot, two-bedroom condo in the Beltline last summer.

“So am I moving up or am I trying to rebuild?

“I had, you know, a nice trustworthy car, a new condo, and was going to buy something different … that was the plan, and the reality is completely the opposite,” said Lemaire.

That plan changed a week after the sale of his condo in an older building went through.

Lemaire and everyone else in the 52-unit building were sent a $1.1-million special assessment. His portion is $25,000, and legally he’s on the hook for it.”

The above article was written by CBC News, Jan 28th, 2020.

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