Elite Level Coaching, in association with The Covenant Group, is pleased to introduce our flagship program:

The Business Builder Academy 

The Business Builder Academy is a peer-to-peer learning program designed by The Covenant Group, that utilizes all the ways in which we learn: Self-study, Reflection, Coaching sessions, Workshops, and Applied Learning. 

Our clients come from varied backgrounds. They are entrepreneurial and achievement oriented. We work with Mortgage Professionals, Real Estate Agents, Financial Services Professionals, and Entrepreneurs looking to scale and grow their business. 

The common theme that connects Business Builder Academy participants is that they want to grow their business. They are elite entrepreneurs and professionals who are lifelong learners, generous of spirit, achievement oriented, and desirous of continuing to grow personally and professionally.

The Covenant Group is a leader in enhancing entrepreneurial performance to grow revenue and profitability through planning, preparing, executing, and measuring. We show clients how to achieve and sustain peak performance with our unique planning process for the critical areas of your business:


Your planning process will make decision making easier and make you more effective. As a result, you will experience significant growth while your profits grow at an even greater rate.


Aligning strategy with your business structure begins with your organizational chart. It is important to clarify what functions you will delegate and which you will carry yourself.

Systems & Processes

The systems and processes of marketing, sales and service are interrelated. Each of these when pulled together comprises the end-to-end experience you create for your prospective clients and clients.

Financial Management 

Financial Management is critical for the ongoing health and vitality of a business. Here you will look at the financial elements that will have to come together to ensure success of your business.



The best time to start growing your business is today.

People who participate in The Business Builder Academy are generally looking to make more money, have more quality time, reclaim the joy in what they do or achieve financial independence. 

Our clients value coaching and peer-to-peer learning, two core-pillars of the program.

If you want to push a bigger rock, if you want to be around other high-performers, or if you want to make more money, then The Business Builder Academy is right for you.



We focus on strategically growing your business.

Through the Business Builder Academy you will learn to:

Develop and implement a strategy to build the business that is right for you;

Implement a structure to enable you to work at the highest level of your capability;

Create a client experience that leads to profitable client relationships; and

Build your organization to create more free time and professional satisfaction.



Achieve optimal results by working smarter, not harder.

Whether your goal is to make more money, gain more enjoyment in your work or build a sustainable business, we can help you develop powerful strategies and tactics to achieve your vision. Coaching that really works combines strategy and execution. We help you develop processes to attract the right clients, make more sales to existing clients and obtain introductions, recommendations and referrals. You gain mastery over the growth of your business



High performing entrepreneurs apply 3 R’s to achieve and sustain peak performance:



High performers demonstrate self-insight and self-awareness. They utilize introspection and self-examination to learn from their experiences. They also recognize that the mantra today is: You have to do it yourself, and you can’t do it alone. High performers understand that we learn and benefit from the experience and wisdom of others. Others give us perspective on our own perspective. They recognize what they need to start doing, continue doing and stop doing to enable us to better self-manage, adapt & respond to a changing environment. 


High performers differentiate between failing and failure. They view failing as an opportunity to learn and grow. They recognize that adversity breeds strength. In business and in life, we experience setbacks. High performers learn from and grow as a result of the challenges they encounter in every area of their lives.


High performers understand the importance of habits. They utilize routines in their personal and professional lives to ensure they are doing the right things. Effectiveness is doing the right things. Efficiency is doing things right. High performers recognize that successful businesses are built upon replicable processes. Successful lives are built upon routines that promote health and wellbeing. 


12 monthly one-hour Educational Sessions lead by a senior facilitator. 

12 monthly one-hour peer-to-peer Study Group sessions to foster shared learning. 

12 monthly case studies targeted at relevant topics. 

12-month access to our best in class Coach on the Go™ performance platform, including planning tools, proven-processes, and reports that generate real data in real time on your real business. Customized by you, for you, accessible 24/7.

12 monthly 30 minutes one-on-one coaching sessions with a senior coach (optional)



Norm Trainor

Norm Trainor is the President and CEO of The Covenant Group, referred by many as “The Business Builder.” He formed The Covenant Group (TCG) in 1995, where his team has amassed and diagnosed research on top performing professionals, distilling that research into The 8 Best Practices & Business Builder concepts.

Keita Demming

Keita Demming (PhD) completed his PhD at the University of Toronto and now serves as the Head of Innovation and Development at The Covenant Group (TCG). At TCG, Keita and his team have built an online coaching platform (Coach on the Go™) that acts as a virtual coach for entrepreneurs and business builders. When he is not building new products for the emerging future, Keita helps organizations identify and implement plausible innovation opportunities.


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